My Seahorse

IMG_6171This time around, I thought I try a bit of color with my drawing. My daughter and I decided on a Seahorse. I did the outlines with my ink pen and then shaded and colored in with my prismacolor pencils. My husband said it is his ‘favorite one’!


Chief Red Fox


Chief Red Fox took over a month to draw. The drawing is 14 inches x 17 inches large. I used my Micron Ink pen, my ‘bat’ pencil, a tortillion (or smudge stick) and a kneaded eraser, on Bristol Vellum Paper.

Chief Red Fox got to be 104 years old. He remembered General Custer, the Battle of Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee.

I incorporated the Black Hills into the drawing with the pattern on the left corner. The Sioux flag is a circle (sun) with four triangles (like beams) surrounded by a circle of tee-pees. I included the sun-circle in the upper right corner and put the eagle, that is part of Chief Red Fox’s headdress on the side that we can not see. The tee-pees surround his profile. The triangular pattern in the sky reminded me of maybe arrowheads, it is called ‘flying geese’, which would probably ok too.

I was very honored to put Chief Red Fox’s portrait in ink on paper.












The Bedouin Camel

I finally finished the Camel. It took quite some time to fill in all the spaces. I did want to leave a few white and slightly shaded in with graphite, but other parts were just begging to be filled in! What do you think?

It is 9×12 inches Bristol Vellum paper, drawn on with a Micron Ink pen and graphite.

“Bedouin Camel tangled”


Tangle Turtle Travels

Well, hello šŸ™‚

I returned from my wonderful Adventure to Providence, Rhode Island! It was a great four days to get my Certification to be a ZentangleĀ® Teacher. I ‘took notes’ during class in an not so traditional way. I snapped a picture of them when I came home:


I stayed at the Hotel Providence on the 5th floor and had a nice view! Good Morning Providence!


Back to the Seminar. We did a lot of drawing and learning the ZentangleĀ® Method. Here are a few pictures of our work. I was amazed that there were 112 people from 16 different countries. It was so nice to meet everyone and by the end of the four days we all got to meet one another and I made some very special friends!

This was our first ’tile’ from a ‘traditional first ZentangleĀ®’ class: (I love when they lay them all out – like a mosaic)



I wanted to show some more of the pieces we did:IMG_5746




We did this beautiful ‘tangle’ and over night we were surprised by Bijou the snail with a word for us, everyone’s was different:


This was a one-of-a-kind awesome experience that I will never forget … and now I am a CZT (Certified ZentangleĀ® Teacher)! Yipee! Here I come, nothing is save from being drawn on again …. see:

IMG_5788One of my daughter’s old books got ‘beautified’ right away!

Tangle on!

Tangle Turtle Art is on Etsy! … and the beginning of the Bedouin Camel.

Tangle Turtle Art is on Etsy!

Finally! I opened my shop on etsy! I will have art cards and giclee prints of my drawings available, and some knitted items for sale as well. It is taking a long time to get all the policies and written stuff put into the listings. But, here is the link! Please check it out:


Then I started on the Bedouin camel. I googled Bedouin Camel and found this beautiful picture! I just had to draw it. I love how photography can inspire so many things! Anyways, I sketched this Beauty out with pencil first and then outlined it with ink pen, and sectioned some parts off, naturally.

IMG_5615Next I am trying to decide if I should ‘pattern’ in the back ground with a swirly sun and some sand dunes in front, or tangle the camel itself, or both. We will just have to wait and see what happens …

Have a nice evening!









Finishing the cat …


To continue the cat I add more tangles. I am very careful with choosing my patterns. I try to incorporate the cat’s personality as well as the owners. Cats love to lay in sunny spots, in soft places and this one is also very curious. The tangles ‘Sonnenband’ (German for ‘Sun-stipe’) and a floral pattern called ‘Buttercup’ (one of my favorites) are perfect for one side of the cat. I used ‘BB’ (looks like stacked books) for my librarian friend, and ‘Rick’s Paradox’ for her husband Richard. The carpet I used a bunch of ‘loops’. I am not sure what this pattern is called, but it is very ‘carpety’ (is that a word?)

IMG_5597On the cat itself I look at the fur, closely, and I love using a pattern called ‘waves’, and on top of the nose I used ‘keeko’ (makes me just want to pet that soft, soft nose!). Underneath, for a dark, shadowy kind of feel I used ‘hollibaugh’, it makes the cat ‘pop’ out to the front a bit. Then, after I fill in all the patterns, I shade with a #2 pencil and shape either the pattern itself or the actual ‘object’. You can find all those patterns either on or on I would highly recommend to take a class from your local ‘Certified Zentangle Teacher’! That is how I was introduced and learned my first patterns. So now that I filled everything in and shaded, I sign it and I am down with this wonderful cat!IMG_5599(Excuse the yellow-ness of the picture, but I took this Photo late in the evening)

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy some Art!

~ Bettina

PS Stay tuned for my next post! My next project is a camel!

The journey of the cat cont. ….






I had some time yesterday to create the outline and do some ‘sectioning off’ on my cat drawing. I also decided to keep some very ‘dark places to bring out some of the lights and darks in the design. My friend told me that the cat is a curious one, so I made the whiskers go ‘beyond’ – out of curiosity. I decided that my first tangle would be one called ‘Rick’s Paradox’ (the tangle will fill in all of the upper right), since my friends husband’s name is Richard. Next to it (on the upper left) I will place a tangle that looks like stacked books, since my friend is a Librarian. I just can’t remember the name of it … more research!




I hope I can work on this little gem a wee bit more today! Have a wonderful day!


My next project: a beautiful Cat


A dear friend of mine came up to me one day and asked if I would draw her cat.

She is a curious cat and full of life.

Let’s see what I can do!

First I stare at the picture for a long long long time. Then I sketch it out. Next I will find my ink pens and outline that beauty. After that I divide the image into sections to fill in with tangles.Then I will look through some tangle patterns and decide which to put in the drawing. … more pictures to come as I move right along.

The process of Pepper

I wanted to share another one of my tangle inspired Art pieces called: Pepper. Pepper is a friend of a friend. I kept seeing this charming little green parrot on my friend’s face-book page. His little antics and excursions were shared by his human. I fell in love with this little guy and just had to tangle him. I am going to show you how tangled Pepper came to be about:

IMG_3914I draw a pencil outline of Pepper. I like to draw the eyes first to catch a likeness of the friend. Then I start dividing up my main shape into smaller shapes to tangle.

IMG_3917I tangle away, looking at the naturally darker and shady places on the body.

IMG_3923IMG_3926Finally I tried to place him into some environment that he is familiar with.

‘Tangled Pepper’ is now with the real Pepper and in RJ’s collection.

You really draw a tangle per day? I do.

I got this tangle-a-day calendar this year for Christmas. It comes with empty spaces for each day to do a tangle. Right now I am really enjoying the tangle daily. It gives me a moment to breath and work on a pattern in a little box. I will post all my tangles I have done up until day-before yesterday:










Thank you so much for looking! Until next time …